Acromax Dominicana

Acromax Dominicana was initiated by an Association of Dominican entrepreneurs represented by the drug importing company Kettle Sánchez, C. x A., in the person of Mr. Rafael Sánchez Cabrera and by Ecuadorian entrepreneurs who owned Acromax Pharmaceutical Laboratory of Guayaquil, Ecuador, who were Exporters of its product lines manufactured in Guayaquil and represented in the country Kettle Sánchez, C. Por A.

American Hospitals and Resorts

American Hospitals and Resorts Limited (AHR) has been delivering high quality healthcare since 2007. With our en-suite, air conditioned rooms, we aim to make your stay as pleasant and as comfortable as possible, and we are always happy to discuss any individual requirement that you may have.

As the hospital for our community we deliver care with the patient’s recovery as our top priority. We are also a leading place for specialist treatment with a worldwide reputation. Building on these different elements, our vision is to be one of the best private healthcare organizations in the world.

Whether you are an inpatient, day case or outpatient you will be cared for by a team of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible treatment. All clinical and non-clinical staff undergo a regular continuous education programs to ensure that all patients receive the utmost care and medical attention to bring about a speedy recovery.

The Brewer Group

The Brewer Group Companies use the resources of experienced, dedicated staff and leverage a network of the world’s premier institutions to bring our clients unparalleled access around the globe.

The Brewer Group, Inc. (TBG) is an industry agnostic holding company with assets ranging numerous sectors. Our relationships with key international decision makers spanning government development agencies, financial institutions, multinational corporations, NGO’s and numerous leaders in sports and entertainment place TBG in a unique position to grow its portfolio. TBG takes pride in identifying companies whose goal is to make a social impact on the communities in which they serve.

GB Pharma Holdings

GB Pharma Holdings is a Washington D.C. global Pharmaceutical company with expertise in defining policies, facilitating approvals, distribution and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and introducing innovative therapies to Africa. GB Pharma Holdings was established in order to be on the forefront of change and is dedicated to bringing cost effective and quality products to Africa. We are able to link new technologies, science and education together to be a cause for good.

Hubei Qianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

In October 2012, the Company and Hubei Qianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a Chinese pharmaceutical company, announced an agreement to co-develop new cancer drugs based on Immune Therapeutics’ patents involving MENK, where Immune Therapeutics is to maintain oversight responsibility for preclinical and clinical trials in China complying with both FDA and SFDA standards. The companies believe that this joint development (made and executed as shown in Figure xx, page xx) could help fast track the drugs for the Chinese pharmaceutical markets.