Corporate Governance

Our board of directors is responsible for directing, and providing oversight of, the management of Immune Therapeutic’s business in the best interests of shareholders. In carrying out its responsibilities, the board selects and monitors top management, provides oversight for financial reporting and legal compliance, determines our governance principles and implements our governance policies. The board, together with management, is responsible for establishing our operating values and code of conduct and for setting strategic direction and priorities.


While Immune Therapeutics’ strategy will evolve in response to changing market conditions, our mission and values are enduring. We believe that good governance requires not only an effective set of specific practices but also a culture of responsibility throughout the firm, and governance at Immune Therapeutic’s is intended to optimize both. We also believe that good governance ultimately depends on the quality of our leaders, and we are committed to recruiting and retaining directors and officers of proven leadership and personal integrity.


As a public compant, we are committed to compllying with all applicable laws and regulations.  Our corporate governance documents provided here validate out efforts to help ensure compliance with legal requirements and standards of ethical conduct and ontegrity generally.